HereIAm is a location/geofencing mobile application that keeps you up to date on the location of your child, drivers, co-workers, or friends. SemperCon developed the full application working closely with the client to define the rules behind the geofencing actions carefully considering the tradeoffs between distance accuracy, update frequency and resulting power consumption

Platform: iOS
Industry: Consumer location services
Technologies: ASP.NET, Geofencing, iOS, iPhone, jQuery, Objective-C


The Fan Photo application allows fans to access team information, game promotions and get special Photo features only available to fans at the ballpark. The application uses SemperCon’s CirrusCon API Platform to provide Application Based Connectivity features including sending pictures to the stadium scoreboard.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablets, Web Server
Industry: Sports, Entertainment
Technologies: AJAX, Android OS, ASP.NET, CirrusCon API, Dropbox API, HTML5, iOS, jQuery, Objective-C


The Mi-Stories application provides access to several full series of videos for individuals with autism that can be each be previewed, purchased and watched on mobile devices. SemperCon designed the application to take advantage of in-app purchase capabilities to easily download and view video stories.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, LAMP
Industry: Nonprofit
Technologies: iOS, iOS In-App purchasing, Objective-C, PHP


BLE Baseball is a real-time mobile application that allows users to predict and place virtual bets on batter outcomes during live baseball games and provides full analytics of all aspects of the game. Presented with a challenging task to design a system to manage real time actions during live events, SemperCon developed an innovative system for fans to interact and instantly predict results of at bats and settle simulated wages with ‘Bleacher Bucks’.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, Web Server
Industry: Sports, Entertainment
Technologies: AJAX, Android OS, ASP.NET, Custom reporting solutions, Facebook API, HTML5, iOS, iOS In-App purchasing, iOS Push Notifications, jQuery, Objective-C, PubNub Real-time Network


The Hockey Stats app helps capture real-time game and player statistics during a hockey game using an intuitive iPad touch interface. Working in difficult network environments, SemperCon developed connectivity options to help sync data with the app.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Web Server
Industry: Sports, Entertainment
Technologies: AJAX, Android OS, ASP.NET, Custom reporting solutions, HTML5, iOS, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Objective-C


Scoopist mobile app allows users to share photos and interact with friends while on the go at bars, restaurants, or other events. SemperCon developed and deployed the geolocation application helping overcome critical connection issues involving the transfer and storage of large digital pictures.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Web Server
Industry: Entertainment, social mediat
Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NET, Geofencing, iOS, jQuery, Objective-C


SemperCon develops custom mobile, web and IoT apps. With SemperCon's engineering talent and platform, businesses develop scalable, reliable applications that take advantage of ‘always connected’ cloud computing and wireless capabilities.