Ride Health’s HIPAA-compliant web app is used to coordinate transportation for low-income, elderly and disabled patients who face transportation barriers to care. With their platform, healthcare providers can schedule, request and pay for rides on behalf of patients. SemperCon worked with Ride Health from concept to deployment, developing one of the first applications to integrate with Uber’s healthcare API.
Platform: Web application
Industry: Healthcare, transportation
Technologies: MySQL, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js., SMS/Twilio API, Uber API


CirrusCon Medical App Screen Mock Up

CirrusCon is an Environmental Monitoring System that uses WiFi, LoRa and Cellular wireless sensors that connect to remote cloud monitoring software which logs vital temperature/humidity information in real time. Click to see the CirrusCon website

Platform: Web server,  IoT devices WiFi, LoRa, Cellular NB-IoT, Cat M LTE
Industry: Medical, Forensic Sciences
Technologies: AWS IoT, ASP.NET, C++, MFC


Tractus med App mockups

TractusMed PathVista Portal is a web-based application that allows pathologists and lab administrators to access historical patient reports from a nationwide database and make more informed medical decisions.

Platform: Web application
Industry: Healthcare, Medical
Technologies: ASP.NET, C++, MFC


The Strados RESP wearable provides remote patient access by recording lung sounds, converting it to data, interpreting the data and putting it into the hands of the entire clinical team via the cloud. Click to see the Strados Labs website.

Platform: Web application, iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablets
Industry: Healthcare, Medical
Technologies: AWS, ASP.NET, C#, Android OS, HTML5, iOS, Objective-C, BLE


RevivAll is the world’s first social networking platform for community health — connecting patients with supportive, social and local health communities and encouraging healthy social norms #IRL.
Using this mobile app, patient are connected to health and wellness support groups, forums, and competitions.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, Web Server
Industry: HealthCare, Social Media
Technologies: ASP.NET, iOS, Android SDK, jQuery, MySQL Server, AJAX, Objective-C


The Resuscor mobile application is a point-of-care reference for emergency department and critical care providers implementing post-cardiac arrest Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) protocols. SemperCon has worked with Resuscor from app concept to design, through development and into pilot testing. Resuscor is now working with SemperCon to integrate the application with temperature management equipment.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Web Server
Industry: Medical, Healthcare IT
Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NET, iOS, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Server


Medicare Health Outcomes tablet app allows patients to review information, answer questions, view video tutorials and confirm their understanding of medical procedures prior to admissions. SemperCon helped to identify and address key mobile connectivity issues for this pilot app.
Platform: iPad, Web Server
Industry: Medical
Technologies: ASP.NET, iOS, Microsoft SQL Server, Objective-C


Behavior Med offers a full suite of services specifically designed to help manage specialty behavioral health inpatient treatment facilities. Working closing with physician clients, SemperCon designed and build this cloud based application to meet their needs providing interfaces to labs and medical data exchanges while complying with all HIPAA/HiTech security requirements.
Platform: Web Server, Mobile Web
Industry: Medical
Technologies: Adobe, AJAX, ASP.NET, Atalasoft, C++, Custom reporting solutions, Dynasoft, HTML5, jQuery, MFC, Microsoft SQL Server


Charts provides medical practitioners and staff easy access to all their scanned medical records allowing them to find and view indexed records via an intuitive tab-based user interface. SemperCon developed Charts to meet strict HIPAA/HiTech security requirements and provided tight integration with existing electronic medical records applications.
Platform: iPad, Web Server
Industry: Medical, Healthcare IT
Technologies: ASP.NET, HTML5, iOS, Microsoft SQL Server, Objective-C


EMR-Charts helps hospitals and physicians to manage the integration paper records into digital electronic record systems. SemperCon designed, developed and operates this cloud-based web application. It also manages continuous backups at multiple locations while adhering to all HIPAA/HiTech required security requirements.
Platform: Web Server
Industry: Medical
Technologies: Adobe, AJAX, ASP.NET, Atalasoft, C++, Custom reporting solutions, Dynasoft, jQuery, MFC, Microsoft SQL Server


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