USMC Smart Warehouse

Private network pioneer Federated Wireless needed a partner to help design and deliver Smart Warehouse applications as a part of Federated’s 5G installation at the Marine Corps Logistics Command Warehouse operations in Albany, GA


Ride Health is an early-stage digital health startup that helps primarily low-income, elderly and disabled patients with transportation barriers reach their appointments, improving their access to care.


Power electronics company, Go2Power, is using Industrial IoT to improve workflow efficiency and customer loyalty.


Orion Fleet Intelligence operates in a very competitive field in which many of its competitors are large, established enterprises with readily available resources. For the past six years, Sempercon’s team of engineers has worked with Orion on managing the backend development and integration of its IIoT solution.


Mobileoptx is a medical equipment startup that was founded by two professors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Otolaryngology. Their innovative hardware device allows physicians to capture endoscopic examinations using an iPhone.