In the world of technology, early market entry is arguably one of the biggest factors that determines future market dominance. Ride Health needed to produce a fully-functional web application that demonstrated their solution’s key features, before engaging a major health system in an initial pilot program.

First, Ride Health secured an important technology partnership with a leading on-demand ground transportation company. Next, Ride Health needed to secure a strong development partner capable of fulfilling their product expectations and timing demands.

After attending an MVP app development workshop led by Sempercon’s founder, Ride Health hired Sempercon to produce a web application that satisfied their pilot program’s deadline.

Undergoing The Quick Launch Process

Defining the functional requirements
Having already interviewed and consulted hundreds of patients and providers in order to develop Ride Health’s business model, Ride Health had a very strong understanding of their intended offering.

Ride Health already validated a web application as the best medium for their solution. They even got a head start on designing mock screens for their app, and preparing a Technical Specifications document that outlined the features and functions that their web app would require. Sempercon consulted with Ride Health on streamlining and aligning their technical requirements with their core purpose.

Together, Sempercon and Ride Health identified which of the initially submitted feature requests were nice-to-have, and which were essential. Only features that could help Ride Health hit their initial targets, integrate their technology with their on-demand transportation partner, and engage in pilot programs with prospective healthcare organizations were included.

Use Case Definition & User Flow Design
After successfully defining the functional requirements of the web app, Ride Health and Sempercon worked in parallel on translating their technical requirements into wireframe screen designs.

Sempercon’s technical consultant guided Ride Health through plotting out use cases for their application, while their designers produced initial wireframes and integrated User Experience design. Through a collaborative effort, every button, command, field and action to be taken within the app were defined and designed in detail.

Technical design review
Once the User Experience design process was completed, Sempercon’s engineers engaged in a technical design review. Sempercon’s engineers detailed and defined which computing environments, development tools, and third party APIs functional and design requirements.

Sempercon’s engineering team:

  • Decided to use a modified ‘MEAN’ stack with MySQL, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js
  • Selected Twilio to handle Ride Health’s SMS texting functions
  • Advised Ride Health in choosing AWS as their hosting service provider
ridehealth-ceo-profpic“SemperCon has been invaluable partners in the development of our organization, Ride Health. They helped us turn a wireframe mock-up and list of features into rigorous specifications for web development – and then made it into a reality just weeks later. When we asked them to integrate brand new technologies and APIs, SemperCon took on the challenge with enthusiasm. Beyond their technical skills, what stands out most is their honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency when working with clients. I would strongly recommend SemperCon to anyone looking for a true partner in web and mobile development.”

—Imran Crook, CEO of Ride Health

Finalizing a framework

With the majority of user-facing interfaces defined and the technical design review completed, Sempercon’s engineers were nearly ready to start development.

At this final stage, Sempercon’s project lead worked with Ride Health to address issues generated during the technical design review. Internal administrative requirements were finalized. Final screens were also developed for Ride Health’s analytics dashboard to monitor and track key performance indicators.

Sempercon’s engineers began testing the 3rd party tools selected during the technical design review, confirming whether each one’s capabilities met Ride Health’s final requirements. Sempercon’s project lead finalized a development schedule for Ride Health, ensuring that Ride Health’s development goals would be executed as efficiently as possible.

The Results

Sempercon delivered a fully functional web application to Ride Health on time, and on budget:

  1. Ride Health became one of the first applications to integrate with their on-demand ground transportation partner.
  2. Ride Health secured initial pilot programs with multiple major hospitals and health systems, including a Top 10 U.S. News &
  3. World Report hospital and Accountable Care Organization with 90,000+ attributed patient lives.
    Ride Health received growth-accelerating funding commitments from investors who appreciated their ability to execute their business objectives on time and on budget.

The Challenge

Launching a successful pilot program would require rapid app development, under a tight deadline and limited budget.

The Opportunity

Ride Health received engineering manpower and guidance from Sempercon on how to translate their vision into a fully functional MVP app.


Ride Health hit critical market windows that allowed them to secure pilot programs with major healthcare providers and attract seed funding.

Why Sempercon?

  • mHealth expertise
  • Deep understanding of PHI/HIPAA requirements, HL7 and other healthcare specific interfaces
  • Collaborative advisory process



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