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Why build a custom app from scratch?

Innovative technology solutions don’t come prepackaged. Only custom-designed apps can deliver on a truly Unique Value Proposition.


Build Customer Value

Connect, Engage, Outperform


Improve Productivity

Streamline, Automate, Mobilize

Have a great idea but not sure how to create an app?

This ebook will uncover how to:

  • Establish product market fit
  • Define use cases and user flows
  • Design a mock app prototype
  • Build viable app specs

100+ Apps & Counting

With deep technical expertise and proprietary platform technology, Sempercon has developed countless custom mobile, tablet, web and IoT apps for companies of all sizes.

100+ Apps & Counting

Sempercon is a one-stop shop for developing and managing custom apps—mobile, tablet, web and IoT alike. With our technical expertise and proprietary platform technology, we’ve developed over one hundred apps for organizations of all types and sizes.



1. App Assessment

Review critical functions and map out the UVP of your app idea

2. App Design

UX/UI experts transform idea into specifications with starter screens

3. App Development

Front and back end developers deliver with agile speed

4. App Maintenance

Engineers ensure app remains secure and reliable

Developing A Killer App Starts Here

No matter your app idea, there’s a process that you must go through before development. Don’t miss a step with our foolproof guide on designing and defining the technical side of your app!