60 Essential Mobile App Development Resources

Getting Started with App Development


Forrester Research Report on Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Playbook For 2016

Developing a mobile app strategy

Developing a purpose-built mobile application

Overview of early stages of process

Mobile app prototyping tools


iOS App Development Resources


iOS design guide

iOS Icon Templates

Apple iPad app development guidelines

Optimizing iPad app for multitasking

iPad app multitasking developer guide

Submitting your app to the Apple Store

Android App Development Resources


Getting started on Android

Complete Android developers guide

Supporting different devices

App launcher & icon guidelines

Tablet design optimization guidelines

Submitting your app to the Google Play Store

Niche App Development Resources


The Essential Guide To Building An On-Demand App

Challenges and Opportunities of Cross Platform Development

Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

Mobile App Security


iOS Security Guide

Android authentication cheat sheet

Android app security and privacy best practices

Top security concerns to address

12 Tips for Protecting and Securing User Data

Mobile App Administration


Tips on creating administrator dashboard for app

Best practices on mapping out roles and responsibilities of app admin

Best Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates

Application Lifecycle Management Tools



How to Design a User Friendly Mobile App Experience

5 tips for creating great mobile app user interfaces

Is Your Mobile App User Friendly?

Android Developer Guide on Design

iOS Developer Guide on Design

10 Free Wireframing tools

5 Rules 10 Tools for Mobile App A/B Testing

Blueprint: CSS Framework

Omnigraffle: wireframing tool

Invision: web & mobile app prototyping tool

App Analytics


Deciding on which user data to measure analytics

5 Mobile App Metrics Every Publisher Must Be Tracking

A Soup to Nuts Guide to Mobile App Analytics

Mobile analytics providers

Free Web Admin Dashboard Templates

KPI Dashboard Examples

Mobile App Data Storage & Management


iOS Data Storage Guidelines

Android Data Storage Guidelines

How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

Machine Learning Best Practices for Developers

Understanding the Principles of Algorithm Design (nontechnical explanation)

Mobile App Notifications & Alerts


Push Notification Best Practices

Which Push Notification Tool to Use?

Top 13 Push Notification Tools

19 Push Notification Tools

API Integration & Mobile App Dependency Management


Essential guide to API management and application integration

10 Continuous Integration Tools to Spur API Development

Academic paper, “Diagnosing Mobile Applications in the Wild”

The Strategic Value of APIs

Optimizing APIs for Mobile Apps