Smart Warehouse OIT App Mock up screen shots

A big part of warehouse’s efficiency revolves around the proper management of the loading dock and coordinating arrival, departure and unloading of trucks.  The SemperCon SaaS application helps streamline these operations using motion sensors to track incoming and departing trucks, as well as separate door sensors monitoring the current status of all bay doors.

Platform: Web server,  IoT devices WiFi, LoRa, Cellular NB-IoT, Cat M LTE
Industry: Industrial IoT
Technologies: AWS IoT, ASP.NET, C++, MFC


Smart Warehouse OIT App Mock up screen shots

The Somfy Digital Network Power over Ethernet (PoE) Gateway application supports the POE Gateway which is a low-voltage power distribution and network-connected device that utilizes PoE technology to power and control 24V DC blind motors.  The application runs on Windows 10 OS.

Platform: Power Over Ethernet system supporting both Somfy Synergy™ API and CoAP Digital Building API compatible with Molex Transcend® Network Connected System. 
Industry: Industrial Automation, Internet of Things/IoT
Technologies: Windows 10, C#


Go2power’s new AC Inverter Lighting System offers an innovative web interface that allows customers to login to their own portal, review all equipment that they have in the field and view a dashboard confirming current status/alerts. SemperCon worked with Go2power from design concept through deployment and now maintance. From adding an internet connection to handling the flow of data from equipment to the web, SemperCon helped Go2power deliver a complete industrial IoT system that helped make them a leader in their market. Click to see the Go2Power website

Platform: Web Server
Industry: Emergency Lighting
Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server


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