As co-founder and CEO of early wireless internet application company Airput, I learned the hard way that it’s important to be as capital efficient as possible with your limited development funds. Airput successfully raised money from several local VCs based on the initial success of our mobile applications and we then hired aggressively to expedite application development to meet critical market windows. The problem was that the large overhead of our development team could not be supported by current sales. When the internet bubble burst, we had spent our initial funding and found it impossible to raise additional capital to sustain operations.

Later while running the Product Development Group at iBiquity Digital, I started using a blend of in-house and outside development resources which allowed me to stretch my budget and also gave me the flexibility necessary to ramp development to hit critical deadlines. The success I found using this cost-effective mix of development resources was the impetus for me to launch SemperCon and try to help other companies better leverage their precious development dollars.

SemperCon is an experienced, dependable and cost effective software development partner for startups or established companies.  We work closely with our clients to build web-based and mobile internet applications that leverage ‘always connected’, cloud computing capabilities. SemperCon specializes in using internet technologies to solve business process problems and create powerful, new business tools.

Today’s challenging business environment demands that companies find ways to move quickly while maximizing the return on their limited development budgets. SemperCon’s unique model provides local design support and project management, while leveraging its experienced team of offshore developers to provide cost effective and flexible development services. SemperCon’s design teams employ Agile methodologies with rapid prototype development, helping clients to move quickly from concept to a functional product. Flexible resource allocation allows clients to expedite the development process to meet critical business deadlines and reap the benefits of faster time-to-market.

SemperCon has strong experience working with the key technology building blocks necessary to support ‘always connected’, cloud-based applications for both wireless mobile devices and connected computers. We have experience with all leading mobile phone development platforms including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and WinMobile. Our existing development portfolio includes web and mobile applications that streamline business processes for electronic medical records, wireless vehicle tracking systems, mobile training solutions and pharmaceutical clinical trial services.  In addition we’ve done extensive embedded software development for wireless mobile devices, portable medical devices and consumer electronic products.

At SemperCon, we take a long term view of each engagement and work to help our clients grow their businesses by utilizing the most appropriate and effective technology tools. Our development teams work very closely with in-house product teams allowing our customers to focus on their core business, access technical expertise in areas not available in-house, reduce operational costs, shorten design cycles and increase profits.

SemperCon’s business model and experienced development team meets the needs of today’s high-tech businesses. We are resource and capital efficient while leveraging the latest internet and wireless technologies to help our clients meet their business objectives.

(This guest post was written by Rick O’Brienserial entrepreneur and President of SemperCon)