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Cloud connected, wireless sensors feeding web-based application dashboards will provide the USMC with instantaneous updates on warehouse facilities and operations.

Furlong, Pennsylvania June 21, 2021—SemperCon™, a software development firm that builds business critical Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and web applications, announced that private network pioneer Federated Wireless has chosen the company to design and deliver Smart Warehouse applications as part of Federated’s 5G installation at the Marine Corps Logistics Command warehouse operations in Albany, GA.  As part of the arrangement, SemperCon’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based application platform will utilize Federated’s 5G communications infrastructure for backhaul connectivity and employ LoRaWAN-based wireless sensors for capturing environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, logistics status and CO2 levels throughout the warehouse.

A big part of warehouse’s efficiency revolves around the proper management of the loading dock and coordinating arrival, departure and unloading of trucks. The SemperCon SaaS application helps streamline these operations using motion sensors to track incoming and departing trucks, as well as separate door sensors monitoring the current status of all bay doors.

SemperCon was introduced to Federated by Capstone Partners, a strategic advisory firm that is Federated’s primary partner for 5G and Internet of Things applications and solutions. The project includes the upgrade of wireless network infrastructure and applications which can be employed to profoundly improve the efficiency, timeliness, accuracy, security, and safety of warehouse operations.

According to Capstone president Allen Proithis, SemperCon has a strong background in designing and building Internet of Things systems that leverage connected devices to monitor environmental conditions and help improve operational efficiencies.

“SemperCon has demonstrated its ability to develop and deploy mission critical applications like those used in hospitals for monitoring temperatures of refrigerators and freezers for storing sensitive vaccines and medicines” explained Proithis. “SemperCon is very experienced at using the latest wireless technologies to connect environmental and motion sensors to help enhance safety conditions and manage operations within a facility.”

We are excited to work with the Marine Corps to help them demonstrate how safety and efficiency can be enhanced with the help of our Smart Warehouse application. Explained Rick O’Brien, President of SemperCon. “We appreciate the opportunity afforded us by Federated and Capstone Partners and look forward to working with them to deliver a comprehensive, connected solution.” To see our case study:

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