by Jenny DeHuff

In talking with people in technical fields, day-to-day verbiage can sometimes come across to the layman as robotic jargon. That’s when the interpreter comes into play.  When SemperCon’s CEO described his work as “cloud-based,” it took some dissecting to understand his reference to the Internet.

SemperCon first appeared on StartPhilly at the beginning of the year, with a contribution by President and CEO, Rick O’Brien.  O’Brien started this software development enterprise for young startups or already established companies. SemperCon works closely with its clients to build web-based and mobile Internet applications that leverage its motto of “always connected,” “cloud computing” capabilities.

O’Brien said the term earned its namesake from people perceiving the Internet’s server “farms,” which are run by Microsoft, Amazon and Google, for example. When using these Web rental applications, the vastness of it seems like a technological “cloud” – hovering above – but always within reach.   “A lot of people are waking up to the fact that they can do this in a web application and can eliminate the back-end IT functions,” he said.

SemperCon celebrated its one-year anniversary in January 2010. Having been in business for 13 months thus far, O’Brien said the original team is beginning to reposition what they are going after and how they are doing it.  “The underlying development team has been together for close to 10 years,” said O’Brien. “The first year was all about getting known in the local industry again and building up name recognition.”

SemperCon boasts the experience of working with the key technology building blocks necessary to support “always connected,” “cloud-based” applications for both wireless mobile devices and connected computers.   The end result is having the ability to specialize in using Internet technologies to solve business process problems and create powerful, new business tools.

Major demand for this type of service, said O’Brien, is in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, wherein use of the service is helping streamline their own business processes.   “A lot of our clients are businessmen with a lot of vertical knowledge in a particular space,” said O’Brien. “They know the market – we know how to build it for them.  A lot of people who start up their own business explain to us what they need, and we can put the tools in place for them.”

For these reasons, SemperCon has more cloud cover to delve into than most.