Moorestown, NJ – Basecamp Business and SemperCon today announced the release of the Business Calendar Network (BCN) app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, a new professional networking tool designed specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to develop their business, their career, or their network.

For the first time, entrepreneurs and professionals can use their smartphones and tablets to discover business and professional events happening nearby. Lawyers, accountants, sales reps and others will find this app a valuable tool for finding the best networking events.

“Online social networking is very popular, but in-person networking remains a valuable tool that can help entrepreneurs and others to start and grow their businesses,” said Mel Baiada, President of Basecamp Business. “Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an easy way to find out about what was happening. Entrepreneurs had to visit dozens of different web sites to get a complete picture, so it was easy to miss an important event. The Business Calendar Network app for the Apple iPhone brings all the events that matter into a single, easy-to-use app.”

The events in the BCN app are pulled from an ongoing feed of events from Basecamp Business’ web-based Business Calendar Network, which tracks thousands of events from hundreds of organizations. The Business Calendar Network started in Philadelphia and is being rolled out into new regions on a continuous basis, so events can be found for locations all across the U.S. Users can add their own events if they want to share them with the community, or they can ask their local organizations to join the Business Calendar Network.

One of the cool new features of the BCN app is the “Meals” page, which shows events that offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails as part of the event program.

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The BCN app was developed by SemperCon. The Founding Sponsors of the Business Calendar Network include the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT), the University City Science Center, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Emerging Technology Center and Select Greater Philadelphia.

About SemperCon

SemperCon is an experienced, dependable and cost-effective software development partner for startups and established companies. SemperCon specializes at using internet and mobile technologies to solve business process problems and create powerful, new business tools.

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Basecamp Business was founded to improve the efficiency of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The tools and information it provides help entrepreneurial enterprises find the information, resources, and people they need to start and grow their businesses. Basecamp Business also helps business alliances and regional Economic Development Agencies to better serve their communities and accelerate the creation of new businesses in their regions.