Philadelphia, /PRNewswire/ — Bleacher League Baseball for iPhone launches today, one of the fastest and most exciting ways to “play” live baseball online.  By utilizing a proprietary, instantaneous, pitch-by-pitch game update system, Bleacher League Baseball and are positioning themselves as the ultimate baseball experience.  Download for free now!

Bleacher League Baseball took the original idea from their board game and created an online version that can be played in real-time from a computer or smart phone. By predicting the outcome of each at-bat, players are truly a part of the action without having to go the traditional route of keeping score.  They have added various scoring methods to the online game to offer players multiple ways to gauge their success against other players playing. also added a social network component where players can chat live with each other while playing in real-time along with the MLB game of their choice. is a much more interactive version of our board game. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we have built a real time, live social network where baseball fans can predict outcomes of the game while socializing with each other, whether they are located in a different state, across the country, or even halfway around the world players can enjoy the action of a baseball game as if they are sitting right next to each other,” said John Root, President, Bleacher League Entertainment, Inc. is the first live-action baseball game of its kind and utilizes HTML5 and Web Socket technologies for asynchronous real-time game play. To date, it is the fastest application available.

With the postseason heating up and the World Series around the corner, anticipates a new breed of online gaming and social networking that will take baseball to a new level of play.  Users can start signing in at 1:30pm EDT Friday to prepare for the live action later in the day.

About Bleacher League Baseball

Bleacher League Baseball (, a division of Bleacher League Entertainment Inc. is “The Game for the Fans in the Stands.”  Bleacher League Baseball engages players in every at-bat of a live baseball game and allows the fan to have the experience of being a part of the action. The goal is to provide the fans with a more enhanced and entertaining live game and overall ballpark experience.