Wish Upon a Hero Foundation, right here in the Philadelphia area, has been selected as one of five charities competing to win $1 million from Chase Bank.  The winner will be decided by public vote on Facebook, and announced on NBC’s “America’s Giving Awards,” hosted by Bob Costas, televised Saturday, Dec. 10.

Our friends at cWyze are asking for all our assistance to help Wish Upon a Hero Foundation win!  Wish Upon a Hero Foundation is an Internet service that matches people in need with people who can grant wishes.  Watch the following cWyze Interactive Video for more information:


Founder Dave Girgenti says, “More than 85,000 wishes have been granted, from a $50 Walmart gift card for a single Mom, to a double lung replacement for a young woman, to a reunion trip to Pearl Harbor for a WWII veteran. If we win this $1 million, we will be able to help many, many people see their wishes granted.”

We need to help Dave and Wish Upon A Hero Foundation win that $1 million. It’s simple:

1) Click on the link below to see a short “Wish Upon A Hero” cWyze Interactive videos. There are questions in the video, so please answer them. No private information is collected.

2) Share this video with everyone you know via email, facebook, linked in, whatever way works for you, and encourage them to share as well.

3) Post your vote at www.votewish.com

NOTE: It is important that you vote once EVERY DAY.

Let’s bring home the $1 million!