PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – Local nonprofit KenCrest is pleased to announce its new, free iPhone and iPad App for adolescents and adults with autism called Mi-Stories™.  These videos are designed as brief social scenarios that focus on everyday activities, and can be purchased directly from the app itself.

The videos, ranging from 2 – 4 minutes in length target communication and social behavior in community settings and in a work environment.  Mi-Stories™ utilizes modeling, social scripting, and visual strategies to help target appropriate behavior and social skills.

These videos can be purchased from the App Store using and downloaded directly on to Apple Products to allow individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities to watch and learn the appropriate social behavior in a variety of social settings.

The Mi-Stories™ benefit individuals in many ways. People with disabilities are able to watch the stories and hear and see appropriate behavior and social interactions.  They also hear a scripted social scenario that describes how to act and interact all while watching the story.  Mi-Stories™ were created by Debbie Lord of Harleysville, PA, a Speech Language Pathologist who directs Clinical, Educational, and Healthcare services at KenCrest Centers. The app is available at