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Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm is now forming in the mobile business market resulting from three strong forces lining up to propel mobile applications squarely into the enterprise, leaving some companies behind struggling to catch up to their competitors riding the huge mobile wave.

It’s an overused cliché but sitting here after another winter storm and thinking about the factors influencing the mobile business market today, it’s the image that keeps coming back to me.  A “Perfect Storm’ is a rare, 100 year meteorological occurrence that happens when the right forces come together in such a way as to create a monster storm creating 100 foot waves, huge damage along the seaboard and the occasional good movie.  There are three main ingredients which need to come together to form a ‘Perfect Storm’; high pressure coming off the land, a low pressure system on the sea and a small hurricane colliding in a trilogy of weather energy.

With the “Always Connected” newsletter, we plan to discuss the forces driving the mobile business market, using real world experience from designing and developing dozens of mobile applications, highlighting the implications of these technologies and capabilities on mobile business strategies, development and implementation.

Here is overview of the key forces that are now driving the mobile business
‘Perfect Storm’

High Pressure – High speed wireless data is now available in all key business markets and on the vast majority of business phones.  4G LTE subscribers worldwide grew to 198 million in 2013, up a remarkable 115 percent from last year and are forecast to grow to 1 billion by 2016 (IHS iSuppli) .  LTE with its higher performance allows the handling of a wider range of applications, such as live video streaming, video conferencing, voice over IP and basically allows applications to target nearly every function that can now be accomplished via a wired connection.

Low Pressure – Cloud infrastructure and enhanced development tools are making the creation and deployment of custom mobile apps way easier for businesses.  Mobile applications can quickly be spun up on competitively priced cloud platforms and scaled as necessary to support any number of users.  With iOS and Android dominating 95% of the smartphone market and both platforms offering advanced development tools, it is now much easier to support all users and provide great native or cross platform apps targeting both internal employees and external enterprise mobile customers.

The Hurricane – Smartphones have clearly become the dominant mobile device in business.  Early in 2014 the number of internet-connected smartphones will pass the number PCs worldwide and this platform change has direct implications for businesses worldwide (more on that later).   Closer to home, smartphones sales overtook feature phones in the US Market in 2013 so you can now safely assume that anyone serious about business will be viewing your offerings on a powerful smartphone.

These are the larger, macro forces driving the mobile business market today and it is clear from all available data that these trends won’t be slowing down any time soon.  It appears that now is the time to prepare to ride the wave or get rolled under it!

We plan to publish occasional newsletters that will highlight different aspects of these macro forces and discuss how they may affect you and your business.  Please signup below if you have an interest in the mobile business market and want to continue to receive our ‘Always Connected’ updates.

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