wot.io™, a data service exchange for connected IoT device platforms, announced a strategic partnership with SemperCon as its key systems integrator. As a key systems integrator, SemperCon is resolving issues of fragmentation and limited connectivity that have stifled the evolution of the Internet of Things. Through wot.io’s cutting edge marketplace, application creators, system integrators, analytics providers, and hardware companies can create IoT solutions capable of capturing business opportunity.


Excerpt from press release:

With the expansion of its partner ecosystem, the wot.io environment will deliver out-of-the-box integration and shift the focus from infrastructure enablement to business monetization. Companies will be able to select the newly added service partners to integrate seamlessly with various data publishers, enabling data to move fluidly and intuitively within the exchange ecosystem. This open operating environment will eliminate the complexities of multiple standards, device platforms and connectivity portals so companies can use the best vendors for specific services ranging from data analytics to cloud storage and hosting.

“There are an estimated five billion intelligent devices in existence today that have yet to be connected, and another five billion to be built,” said James Brehm, Founder and Technology Evangelist at James Brehm & Associates. “With the exponential growth of this market, there is an urgent need for data and services to easily speak to each other. Only then will businesses see the true and total transformation promised by IoT.”


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