April 3, 2015 Philadelphia, PA —Since the launch of the University of Pennsylvania’s business incubator, UPstart, SemperCon has partnered with the aspiring mHealth entrepreneurs who have participated in UPstarts’ mobile innovation competition, the UPenn AppItUP challenge.

“Experienced mobile application development partners like SemperCon have consistently helped our Upstart companies turn their ideas into competitive, mobile enterprise products.” said Karina Sotnik of Upstart, PCI Ventures.

In November 2014, MobileOptx’s endoscopic camera application idea was selected as one of the top 5 ideas presented during AppItUP out of 427 submissions. Their unique hardware device connects to endoscopes and allows physicians to use an iPhone to record a live video of their endoscopic examinations. SemperCon partnered with MobileOptx to design and develop a custom mobile application that would simplify the process of capturing, reviewing and sharing videos and pictures for the user.

With MobileOptx’s basic prototype, physicians were forced to use their iPhone’s standard camera app, and then use their phone’s email or messaging applications to send the videos and pictures out for further review. MobileOptx realized the need for a custom mobile application that enhanced the utility of their device and improved ease of use.

“SemperCon was terrific at listening to our ideas and understanding what we needed in an application. Their consultant quickly translated our conversation into a design specification and the engineers delivered a functional prototype. We are delighted that we can now offer our customers increased value with this app.” said Jodi Cook, Ph.D., CEO of Mobileoptx.

SemperCon has worked with dozens of technology entrepreneurs who were in similar situations; having mobile ideas but lacking the expertise to translate their vision into a well designed and properly developed app. After several screen flow and UI design iterations, SemperCon’s developed an iOS application on behalf of MobileOptx with:

  • Customized camera controls for capturing video and taking still pictures while recording video
  • Voice commands allowing hands free control of the camera functions
  • Easy review and commenting of video and still images
  • Sharing options including email, messaging and cloud storage

The final version of MobileOptx’s prototype application will be publically demonstrated at the upcoming AppItUP on April 15, 2015. Join us there to see the app in action.

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About Mobileoptx

Mobileoptx is the developer, manufacturer, and supplier of products for linking currently used medical devices to smartphone technology, principally sold through global distribution contracts. PACT Enterprise Award Finalist for Life-Sciences Start-up of the year. www.mobileoptx.com