May 28, 2015– PHILADELPHIA — Sempercon has partnered with, a cloud-based data processing platform that makes data collected from IoT solutions intelligent and actionable.

This partnership furthers our effort to ensure that the IoT solutions we develop bring significant long term value to our customers. When developing an IIoT solution, we don’t stop at considering the current needs and technical requirements our clients may need. As part of our phased assessment process, our IoT solutions are future-proofed to evolve and adapt with our clients’ business.

By leveraging the capabilities of partners like in our IoT solutions, our customers have access to the most advanced Internet of Things tools available.


About Sempercon

sempercon-logoSemperCon enables businesses to seize the opportunities of IoT, web and mobile to transform their business. SemperCon specializes in building scalable mobile and web-based applications that take advantage of ‘always connected’ cloud computing and wireless capabilities in business and consumer markets.


About empowers any developer or organization to leverage the growing instrumentation of the physical world in order to build IoT solutions that surprise with their intelligence, contextual awareness, and effectiveness in operations and user experiences.