PHILADELPHIAJan. 25, 2016 – Go2Power has been selected as a winner of the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award. This special awards program recognizes companies that have successfully implemented M2M and IoT solutions to solve a business issue, launch a new service or create a revenue opportunity.

G2PInvertorSemperCon nominated Go2power for the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award after developing their winning Emergency Lighting System from design to deployment. Their IoT system’s web interface allows customers to log in to a digital portal that they can use to confirm the status of all field equipment and monitor all alerts. This system was deployed using the CirrusCon Smart Device Platform in order to speed time to market, and cost effectively maintain ownership of their smart device offering.

The IoT Evolution Expo, kicking off today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides attendees with an understanding of how M2M and the Internet of Things will be the driving forces behind improving efficiencies, driving revenue opportunities and solving business problems. The conference’s content will have a strong focus on how enterprise IT and enterprise business processes will change based on the capabilities of connected devices, sensors, controls and cloud computing.

About SemperCon

SemperCon enables businesses to seize the opportunities of IoT, web and mobile to transform their business. SemperCon specializes in building scalable mobile and web-based applications that take advantage of ‘always connected’ cloud computing and wireless capabilities in business and consumer markets.

About Go2Power

Go2Power is a power electronics development company that places the highest value on product development and satisfying their customers’ product demands. For Go2Power, it is simply not good enough to have the latest and greatest topologies, components, efficiencies and specifications without the product being exactly what the market and sales channels require for success.