Founder and president of SemperCon, Rick O’Brien, guest-lectured at the Penn State College of Engineering last month as part of the Bishoff Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. In addition to lecturing entrepreneurship classes, O’Brien met with students in small groups and one-on-one. He shared his knowledge of the technology industry, gave career advice and spoke about the lessons he has learned in his many years of experience as an entrepreneur.


Rick O’Brien, founder and president of SemperCon, sees the world two-fold — as a trained electrical engineer and as a forward-thinking entrepreneur. This combination has allowed his continued success in the technical sales and software industry for more than 35 years. Due to his industry knowledge and achievements, O’Brien was chosen as the spring 2016 Bishoff Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Penn State College of Engineering… Bob Beaury, interim director and instructor of engineering entrepreneurship and leadership, said O’Brien was a perfect candidate for the role, as his career has placed him in extremely transformative places within the technology field. From working with Atari on the first video gaming system to founding SemperCon, a company that focuses on mobile and Web application development in 2009, O’Brien’s background encompasses all aspects of the technology sector.

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